[Twisted-web] re: nufox | please omit using of _ (= underscore), it's gettext function and identifier

Timothy Stebbing tjs at nunatak.com.au
Wed Jul 27 17:13:13 MDT 2005

Paul Reznicek wrote:

> Hi Timothy,
> thank you for posting your code, although I've no time to test it
> at the moment, I believe, it's very good idea behind.
> Only one comment:
>  PLEASE DON'T USE  _ (= underscore)   as a class name (or anything else)
> This function name is used by convention for i18n translation, not only
> within Nevow, also by gettext (For the usage, please see Nevow's examples
> of i18n.)
> All automation tools (known by me) use the syntax
>  print _('Some text for localization')
> for identifying and extracting translatable texts  into *.po files.
> Python's gettext bindings and Nevow's i18n works fine with this too.
> Thanks
> -Paul
> Timothy Stebbing wrote:
>> oops, I guess an URL is customary..
>> http://trac.nunatak.com.au/projects/nufox
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Thanks for the info Paul, I've renamed it. Its a bad habit of mine to 
call anon class/funcs _, but its also a shame that it is a convention 
for i18n.


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