[Twisted-web] Sessions with LivePage?

Chris Were chris at feedtagger.com
Mon Jul 25 02:47:22 MDT 2005

>> How can I specify the URL to redirect to when a user logs in or logs
>> out? For example if i browse to /index and login, I want to be
>> redirected to /home. If I'm at /some-page and click logout I still
>> want to be at that page (not sent back to /index) - or sometimes i
>> will want to redirect on logout. I'm struggling to see how this is
>> possible at the moment.
> If you post the login form to a url in the form of /__login__/foo/bar/ 
> baz you will get redirected to /foo/bar/baz after login. I think the  
> same is also true of logout.
> dp

Thanks! Works like a charm on both counts.

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