[Twisted-web] using freeform bind_* instead of subclass TypedInterface

Paul Reznicek maillists at ivsn.com
Mon Jul 18 12:47:08 MDT 2005

Richard Wall wrote:
> I think the default form / argument layout could be improved. I'd prefer
> a layout using definition lists (as demonstrated in my example) for
> inputs, labels and errors. Thats way the form looks presentable without
> the css and actually looks quite good in lynx.

I'm not sure, how many end-users browse the web with lynx, I'm afraid 0.
Using <dl> is indeed very effective with absolutely low costs, but not
universal enough for all applications.
BTW: Nice web-design is a "must have" today - one very nice is at
   http://divmod.com    and   http://divmod.org
But I cant find any page using freeform there...

>>I've tried to do this using ideas and help from Richard Wall (see my
>>previous message) and the result is more complicated, than render a
>>form manually.
> I don't agree there. Even though you have to write more html, it is
> still simpler than writing the full form by hand, and you get all the
> benefits of formless validation messages etc.

Unfortunately, the benefit of validation is not so high, because there
is no easy way to customize and localize the error messages. The only plus
is, there are lot of samples, how to write own validators + the framework.

> Remember that you don't have to define the n:pattern="argument" if you
> are happy with the formless default. Just define the form-action and
> argument!!?? slots.

As written above - nice, variable skins are necessary.
Thank you very much for your examples, you helped me to find the way
to own skins.

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