[Twisted-web] writing a twisted wrapper in nevow

Andreas De Stefani andreas.destefani at ucd.ie
Thu Jul 14 10:22:39 MDT 2005

Hello guys,

i have a webserver which needs to run nevow and twisted sites, but i 
want to use only one port. I was thinking that i probably could just 
include a twisted site into a nevow site since nevow runs on top of 
twisted, but i had some difficulties...

is there a mktap web --path equivalent for nevow?

i was trying to forward a "not nevow" request coming from the twisted 
website to the corresponding twisted python class by using locatechild 
and just returning the twisted Resource which implements it... it 
suprisingly worked for a very simple testsite, but it didntt work if 
there are any hrefs to static html, picture links etc.

does anybody know how i could run twisted and nevow code mixed together?

thanks in advance


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