[Twisted-web] Re: Introduction, newbie confusion plus an offer

T. Peter Herndon tpherndon at optonline.net
Tue Jul 12 11:48:35 MDT 2005

>> to submit documentation bugs (the mailing list archives have a  
>> good list
>> of things you should include in the report, IIRC by Mary)
> What do you mean "IIRC by Mary?"

He means that a good list of things to include in your report has  
been enumerated by Mary Gardiner (the main Twisted documentation  
maintainer, from what I've gathered from lurking), which can be found  
in the mailing list archives.  IIRC stands for If I Remember  
Correctly, if that was part of the confusion.

For what it's worth, thank you for your efforts at documenting  
Twisted.  I have not had the chance to read your initial offerings,  
but I'm sure they will shed some light on the subject for me, in my  
own ignorance of Twisted et al.

---Peter Herndon

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