[Twisted-web] Re: Use WubWubWub

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Tue Jul 12 11:41:03 MDT 2005

> You should probably use WubWubWub. Think of it as "the apache-like
> thingy for twisted and nevow things".
> http://www.inoi.fi/open/trac/wubwubwub
> No pre-built debs, svn co and build yourself.

No SVN link there, so I made one up on the model of the Ldaptor's one.

$ svn co svn://inoi.fi/wubwubwub/trunk
svn: Can't open file '/srv/inoi.fi/repo/view/open/wubwubwub/trunk/format':
Permission denied

Same error when trying to access the Ldaptor SVN.

Nicola Larosa - nico at tekNico.net

Adding things just because you can leads to monstrosities like Common LISP,
PL/I, Algol 68 and Perl 6. Adding features only when they add functionality
(or better yet, by removing restrictions) leads to jewels like Python,
Scheme and Eiffel. -- Mike Meyer, comp.lang.python, April 2005

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