[Twisted-web] LivePage branch complete; merged to trunk

Donovan Preston dp at ulaluma.com
Mon Jul 11 21:30:41 MDT 2005

For everyone who has been following my livepage-completion- 
notification branches for the past few months, I have completed  
development and merged the branch back into trunk. People who were  
following the development on the branch should now switch back to a  
checkout of trunk.

I still have not yet implemented dispatching livepage events to  
fragments yet; I will do that work very soon in a new, shorter-lived  
branch. I expect to have fragment dispatching done and merged back  
into trunk by the middle of the week.

I am attempting to do a 0.5 release; a major feature of 0.5 is this  
new, more stable and reliable livepage api. Sorry if anyone has old  
livepage applications that relied on the old behavior; I hope the  
increased ease of use and reduced uncollectable garbage benefits are  
worth it.

Another major feature of the 0.5 release is the switchover to  
requiring zope.interface. Many of us have been using Nevow with  
zope.interface for over 6 months now; however during this period we  
have been living with the horrible, horrible deprecation warnings  
that spew annoying noise everywhere. I really don't want to see the  
normal tarball-installing unwashed masses to see these warnings. I  
have started cleaning these up in branches/dp/deprecation-cleanup but  
they are harder to clean than I had hoped.

In the long run, some decisions are going to have to be made about  
the API of formless. Specifically, I don't think TypedInterface can  
continue to operate the way it does, and the concept might have to be  
done away with entirely. Instead, I might like to focus more on  
IConfigurable as an interface, and clean it up so it is easier to  
use. Specifically, Page will implement IConfigurable directly, and  
the default getBindingNames and getBinding will look for bind_*  
methods to call on the Page instance. The return value of these  
should be simpler than what it is now. I also want to replace  
configurable_* with frag_* to go along with the way I want to  
dispatch livepage events to fragments, as I discussed above.


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