[Twisted-web] Error: nevow_clientToServerEvent is not defined (Firefox JS Console)

Donovan Preston dp at ulaluma.com
Fri Jul 1 09:33:43 MDT 2005

On Jul 1, 2005, at 2:39 AM, Matt Goodall wrote:

> Michael M wrote:
>> Thanks, it did help. I have attached a stan version for anybody else
>> that comes across this thread.
>> I did notice when upgrading to the svn branch you recommended
>> (svn://divmod.org/svn/Nevow/branches/dp/livepage-completion- 
>> notification-3),
>> that addSlash seems to be required on root objects but not on
>> children. Where do I look to find information on what addSlash  
>> does, (
>> I know it is probably obvious but still I haven't seen it in my
>> wanderings yet :).
> addSlash is semi-documented in the .txt docs dp wrote, see docs/txt/ 
> nevow-traversal.txt.
> Basically, addSlash=True forces a redirect when a resource is  
> requested without the trailing slash. addSlash serves two main  
> purposes:
>   * Relative URLs become manageable.
>   * Directory-like resources can process the trailing '' segment and
>     choose to render a listing or a default resource such as  
> index.html.
> Browsers append a slash when requesting the root resource of a site  
> so it makes sense for root resources to be addSlash=True.

Should we set addSlash = True in NevowSite.__init__ on the root  
resource that is passed? It's pretty confusing to try to build a tiny  
site and get a 404 on the root of it because you forgot to specify  

>> Last questions, 1.) Is this the main branch for livepage development?
> Yes.
>> 2.) is this branch likely to change before 0.5?
> Yes, but probably not too much ... although dp might have different  
> ideas about that.

The dispatch_ stuff I mentioned in a previous email will be completed  
before 0.5. I am currently thinking of calling it frag_* instead of  
dispatch_*. Anyone who has a problem with this, speak up now :-)

Also, the livepage-completion-notification-3 branch will have to be  
merged with trunk and branched again ("merged forward" as we call it  
at Divmod) to resolve logical conflicts introduced by mg into trunk  
with string quoting in various contexts. When I do this I will send a  
message to this list, and the new branch will be called livepage- 
completion-notification-4. This branch will be fairly short lived,  
and I hope to merge it into trunk as soon as I can. (By the end of  
next week maybe?)

>> 3.) If so how can I be notified, or do I just watch this list?
> Subsribe to the nevow commits list.
>     http://divmod.org/users/mailman.twistd/listinfo/nevow-commits
>> 4.) Is the api for livepage likely to change much or is it just in
>> need of more general development?
> I'll let dp answer this more but I think that branch is about  
> finalising the livepage API. The old API had a few problems,  
> especially around error handling.

This branch is an attempt to finalize the API and fix some problems  
with the earlier API. So far all indications are good that there  
aren't any problems with the new API. Barring some unforeseen huge  
problems, I don't think the livepage API will be changing any more.

This means if anybody wants to propose radical changes to the way  
things work, now is the time to do it (or forever hold your peace, etc)

Thanks for trying it out. I need all the feedback I can get.


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