[Twisted-web] livepage breaks after reload

noema mailinglists at shechen.at
Tue Jan 25 16:05:42 MST 2005

I have just started implementing another webapp, this time with 
livepage. When I tried to add more than one page objects (published 
objects derived from rend.Page) I noticed that any kind of page reload 
other than through JavaScript breakes the livepage functionality. When I 
tried to find the cause I did not get very far. It simply seems to me 
that python functions that are connected to javascript events do not get 

This does not only happen with my app but also with the chatola app from 
the example directory. When I reload chatola the browser does not update 
its html dom anymore. I basically have to restart the browser to make it 
work again.

I can reproduce these symptoms on firefox 0.7-1.0 for linux and windows.

I also noticed that the liveanimal example works fine throughout reloads.

Constructive thoughts very much appreciated!


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