[Twisted-web] pgasync (was: /freeform_post!!random causes exceptions)

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Tue Jan 18 14:05:09 MST 2005

On Jan 18, 2005, at 2:40 PM, J Turner wrote:
> runInteraction takes a function as an argument.  Traditionally,
> this function was always run in a thread, so you could be free to, for
> example, make a blocking call using urllib.urlopen or something.  While
> pgasync could call the function that runInteraction passes to it, that
> function could *not* block.

Or as a more likely example, you would feel free to make blocking calls 
to (and therefore expect non-deferred results from) curs.execute() and 
curs.fetch(). Which of course, *all* current code written for use with 
runInteraction does!


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