[Twisted-web] formless problem

Tazzo tazzo at email.it
Fri Jan 7 10:15:34 MST 2005

>Or if you want to be like the original example, where the form is 
>global for all users, make the FormBuilder instance once, and always 
>return the same thing. There's lots of ways you could do that, but the 
>easiest way is:
>-    def child_form(self, ctx):
>-        return FormBuilder()
>+    child_form = FormBuilder()

I know, but my real intention is to build the form
as a fragment of several pages. 
I mean, I want to build a form as in formbuilder example 
or similar, but render it in many pages like:

def render_myForm(self,ctx,data):
    return FormBuilder()

as a piece of different pages but with the same behavior, 
depending (the behavior) only from the url request. 
So if I build a form that add a named 'box' in my page column, 
the form is the same for all my pages. 
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