[Twisted-web] Please review: make nevow vhosts log to separate files

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Jan 4 16:55:59 MST 2005

nevow/sandbox/tv/logvhost/ contains code to make vhosts log to separate
files. It is currently written by subclassing nevow classes, but after
I get a nod or two, will be rewritten as a proper branch.

I'd like some guidance on how to proceed, how you want to solve things.
I'll just cut-n-paste the README here:

Adds a new interface, 'IVirtualHost', which is remembered in context
whenever a virtual host is activated (even the default counts as
activation). The value is the root resource of the active virtual

If the root resource of the vhost has the attribute 'vhostName', that
is taken to be the canonical name of the vhost, and logs are written
with this name into the directory containing the file logPath.

The API may be ugly.

The monkeypatching needed to make it works may be ugly.

But nevow _needs_ to be able to log virtual hosts to separate files.

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