[Twisted-web] problems with data_XXX in formless templates

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Wed Feb 23 05:54:25 MST 2005


I am having some problems using nevow:data attributes inside a formless
managed form. I want to extract some data from a database and show it at
the beginning of the form and IMHO, nevow:data is the Right Way (TM) but
unfortunately nevow tries to pass the current configurable as the 'data'
parameter to my data_XXX methods and:

nevow.accessors.NoAccessor: <MethodBinding submitted=Method at
0x4229164c> does not implement IContainer, and there is no registered

Right now I am using a render_XXX method that does not suffer from the
same problem but I find this limitation quite frustrating. Or, maybe, I
am missing something (again :)


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