[Twisted-web] No output on attr error

Charles Moad cmoad at indiana.edu
Mon Feb 21 08:14:26 MST 2005

For this simple example I can call the soap method test and the reactor 
prints no error message.  It correctly returns a fault of "Method test 
failed." since I did not import the string module.  I post this code for 
a simple case, but I was running into this for fairly complex code. 
Shouldn't the reactor print some sort of error?  I am using twisted-1.3.0.

from twisted.web import server, soap
from twisted.internet import reactor, defer

class MySOAP(soap.SOAPPublisher):
     def soap_test(self):
         return string.split('hello world')

reactor.listenTCP(10081, server.Site(MySOAP()))


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