[Twisted-web] when formless is useless

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Sun Feb 13 12:05:15 MST 2005

Hi *,

I have a very simple problem rendering forms that formless currently
does not solve (at least, I was unable to solve it in formless.) I have
two group of "controls" (input fields) that I'd like to put in separate
fieldsets but in the same form. The problem here is that formless uses
templates that are instantiated and then put in the form-arguments slot
without any possibility of doing what I need. 

Obviously (as suggested on #twisted.web by dialtone and Tv) I can write
the whole form from scratch, fill-in some custom slots for the value
attributes from form defaults before calling renderForms() and let
formless manage only the error checking. But this is so much work that
*not using* formless results in less code.


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