[Twisted-web] generating Canvas.swf without needing Flash

rpiwork at notebookmargins.com rpiwork at notebookmargins.com
Sun Feb 13 07:22:27 MST 2005

Hi Matt,

Fair enough. I was just surprised.

> canvas.swf is a small Flash file (movie?) that supports the nevow.canvas
> module. nevow.canvas allows the server to actively draw on the canvas in
> the browser. canvas.swf also sends user events (mouse clicks etc) back
> to the server.
> I believe divmod are using canvas in Quotient to render "real-time"
> performance graphs, or something like that.
> Get Nevow from svn trunk and have a look.

I will, I was able to get an idea of what twisted is from the site, but
wasn't quite sure what nevow or a couple of the other projects are. I will
take a look at whatever examples are there(and continue to lurk in order
to learn more about the projects). Certainly there seems to be a lot of
interesting-to-awesome stuff going on.

>>What would your desires be along these lines?
> I'm not sure what you mean by this? Personally, I would like canvas to
> keep out of the way ... until I need it. Fortunately,
> that's exactly how it is already.

Ha Ha, yes. I just meant that I could imagine Donovan's fustration with
having to use the flash ide just to compile a file and that by knowing
more what was needed, that I could look into it. It sounds like kinetic
fusion is currently all that's needed, but I asked in case there are other
similar problems somewhere that would be nice to have solved.

Thank you for your answer. I was really just wierded out by that. But it
all makes sense now.


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