[Twisted-web] generating Canvas.swf without needing Flash

Stefano Debenedetti ste at demaledetti.net
Fri Feb 11 18:57:29 MST 2005


I have done some experiments [1] in generating the Canvas.swf file using the excellent and free-of-charge KineticFusion SWF compiler [2] instead of the expensive Flash IDE.

At first I simply used an empty RVML file (KF's XML format for representing SWFs) and tried to include the original canvas.as from SVN trunk but I got some (I guess trivial) compilation errors due to KineticFusion being slightly pickier than Flash on ECMAScript syntax.

So I decompiled the original Canvas.swf, cut and pasted all the ECMAScript code to a new canvas.as and included that one and not only it works like a charm but the resulting SWF is slightly smaller too.

Maybe this will enable future Nevow releases to ship without the Canvas.fla file, which is then redundant and introduces a dependency on Flash for people willing to grok it.


[1] http://demaledetti.net/ste/nevow/
[2] http://www.kinesissoftware.com

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