[Twisted-web] LivePage and Safari

Beau Hartshorne hartshorne at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 10:57:20 MST 2005

> I'm unsure if this has to be considered a bug or a different  
> implementation
> but it is indeed annoying.

I checked on #webkit, and they said it may be a Safari bug. They  
invited me to submit it to WebKit's bugzilla.

> LivePage is about to be deprecated in favour of Athena but this fix  
> still
> makes sense for Athena too (since the same problem is available  
> there).
> I think patching both makes sense and if using the timeout actually  
> fixes the
> problem without breaking functionality then be it. :).

It doesn't seem to cause any problems with Safari, Firefox or IE.  
Does the perpetual loading problem exist in any other browsers?

> In the nevow bug tracker.
> http://divmod.org/trac/newticket

Does someone have an active installation of Chatola that we could use  
to demonstrate the reduction (for trac and bugzilla)?


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