[Twisted-web] LivePage and Safari

Beau Hartshorne hartshorne at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 10:13:16 MST 2005

When I loaded up the Chatola demo, I noticed that Safari (2.0.2) was  
still "loading" the page. I sat there waiting for a few seconds  
before I realized that it would never stop because of the way the  
LivePage works. (Yes, I'm brand-new.) The first time, I clicked on  
Stop and of course nothing worked.

To work around the problem, I included the LivePage code in the  
<head>, and added an onload handler to <body> to call connect(0).  
This didn't fix it, so I changed it to setTimeout('connect()', 1).  
That worked, Safari no longer tells the user that it's waiting for  
the page to load.

This seems like a Safari bug, but would it make sense to patch the  
Nevow code with this work-around? Where do you get started to submit  
a change like this?


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