[Twisted-web] Problems with the new lines

Alberto Trujillo alberto.trujillo at ucd.ie
Wed Aug 31 04:15:26 MDT 2005

I have some troubles with nevow and the new lines. I'm taking datas from 
one form and after try to display them in a different page, like a 
simple text between simple "<td>" tags. Well, the problem is that the 
new lines are not display in the new page.
Could anybody tell me how to fix this. Thank you very much.

Here is the code

< form method="post" name="formrecipients" nevow:render="formrecipients">
< nevow:attr name="action">< nevow:slot name="action"/></ nevow:attr>
           < td colspan="2">
               < textarea name="description" rows="5" cols="50" 
class="formelements"></ textarea>
           </ td>
</ from>

< td colspan="3" class="wktdcontent" width="50px">
     < div ID="demodiv" class="demo" style="display: none;">
     < nevow:attr name="id">< nevow:slot name="id"/></ nevow:attr>
     < nevow:slot name="description">Description</ nevow:slot>
      </ div>
</ td>

   def render_messages(self, ctx, data):
       ctx.fillSlots("id", data.id)
       ctx.fillSlots("subject", data.subject)
       ctx.fillSlots("sender", data.sender)
       ctx.fillSlots("date", data.date)
       ctx.fillSlots("description", data.description)
       return ctx.tag

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