[Twisted-web] MochiKit, Nevow

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone dialtone at divmod.com
Tue Aug 30 03:59:20 MDT 2005

Thomas HERVE wrote:

>MochiKit (http://mochikit.com/) is a Javascript framework started by Bob
>Ippolito, which brings great functionnalities on client side. Especially it
>defines Deffered what I would love use with LivePage, as I find this very
>consistent with server part. There are also Iter and DOM (stan in Javascript).
>I began to make some mods en nevow_glue.js for using MochiKit, and it removes
>all the ugly parts (XMLHttpRequest, events, DOM creation). I think having a
>Mochi-ized nevow_glue would be great, even if keeping the standard one is
>necessary for users (MochiKit could be a strong requirement for an
We all know MochiKit and Bob. And we were talking about something like
this (changing the glue to
use mochikit and ship mochikit with nevow). I totally agree with this
patch and proposal.

>I wanted to make all the changes, but as the LivePage API seems to change in
>nevow 0.5, I'll wait a bit. Some comes my second topic : when can we hope
>having a nevow release ?
Some months ago. ;P.

>I'm not telling "hey, please hurry up guys", but more "is there any todo list,
>critical bugs and/or tests needs where I could have a look and maybe help for
>the release ?". 
The TODO list is not clear, I guess everything is practically ready and
only needs to be tested to avoid the
problems we had with release 0.4.1. The only missing thing (but I don't
know the current state) is fragment
dispatching for livepage.

>Also, is the svn-trunk version stable enough (for LivePage ?)
>that we could use it ?

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