[Twisted-web] Higher level application servers

Michal Pasternak michal at pasternak.in
Wed Aug 24 12:57:39 MDT 2005

Dnia Tuesday 23 August 2005 23:09, Phil Mayers napisał:
> > Tracking code changes? Well, that's what subversion is good for. Perhaps
> > it
> We'll have to agree to disagree there I'm afraid. Subversion appears to
> be "good for" getting Berkeley database errors and being a lot slower
> than CVS, all so we can "mv" files and run over HTTP? Big woop...

It's getting more and more offtopic... anyway, about SVN: everyone use fsfs 
now (man svnadmin(8)).

Second, if you prefer doing things fast instead of doing things right, well, 
you should swich your PostgreSQL backend to MySQL ;)

> > Check out Glyph's journal at
> > http://www.livejournal.com/users/glyf/39104.html . I think both he and
> > the whole Divmod crew is coming up with some exciting stuff, as usual.
> SQLite eh? Interesting.

It's only a backend for Axiom - Divmod's database. As with atop you didn't use 
bsddb directly, the same is for Axiom and SQLite.

> I'm surprised there isn't something a little more lightweight though.
> Quite what it would look like I don't know, which is why I'm asking.

Zope has many components and is a very complicated product. Maybe first you 
should try to define, what functionality that imaginary nevow-based product 
would have instead of giving examples (and, as you said, filestore, SQL db 
and LDAP you mentioned were only examples).

And, about that development environment part of ZOPE... creating a web-based 
development environment for componentized Nevow apps - and, as I believe, 
this is the functionality that Zope already has, as you mentioned it - yes, 
of course, it would be cool to have that, but hey... can I use Emacs to edit 
textarea boxes on a webpage?

Take care, 
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 have to choose: live or tell." -- Sartre

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