[Twisted-web] Higher level application servers

Michal Pasternak michal at pasternak.in
Tue Aug 23 14:30:12 MDT 2005

Dnia Tuesday 23 August 2005 21:43, Phil Mayers napisał:
> But I don't want to lose a lot of what Zope does offer, in particular:

From what do I see, you're not asking about Nevow. Nevow is about the web (or, 
about creating Python applications that utilize HTTP protocol). You're 
neither asking about the web, nor about http, so this is going to be pretty 
offtopic, but what the heck...

> I can turn around new (good, well thought out) features very quickly
> using a combinaton of Zopes PythonScripts and/or templated SQL, and if I
> make a coding error, the exception rolls back any transactions for any
> and *all* transactional-aware components used in that request (SQL,
> LDAP, filestore) without me doing any work, then I take a look at the
> exact diff of what I typed and maybe rollback the changes. A great crutch!

pgasync is pretty good for writing Twisted apps which use PostgreSQL backend. 
It has some glitches, none of which are really real (not working mailing 
list, NOTIFY/LISTEN unsupported ATM, some trouble with good reaction for 
server shutdown message).

About LDAP and filestore... well, you just need a transaction-aware library, 
that does what you need. 

Tracking code changes? Well, that's what subversion is good for. Perhaps it 
won't be as convinient as what you have integrated into ZOPE, but there are 
GUI frontends available.

> Of course writing all these would be relatively trivial, but the time
> spent piles up. I'm aware the divmod suite has an app server (Mantissa)
> but to be frank I don't like Atop. I'm quite happy (actually I prefer)
> filesystem-backed code.

Well, as far as I know, atop is passe.

Check out Glyph's journal at 
http://www.livejournal.com/users/glyf/39104.html . I think both he and the 
whole Divmod crew is coming up with some exciting stuff, as usual. 

I think that Axiom and new Mantissa is what you want. 

> So what's the state of play for layers between t.web -> (appserver) ->
> appcode. I would expect the obvious choice for components within the app
> server to be t.e.adbapi, nevow, t.cred and then onto the more narrow
> components like a caching framework, indexing, etc.
> Thoughts?


Let's leave Nevow doing web stuff. That's the way things should be done.

For high-level webapplication stuff, consult Divmod's development lists, check 
out Axiom and Mantissa, share your ideas with the team. I think, that this is 
the Nevow-based thing you need.

Take care,
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