[Twisted-web] nevow and twisted.web2

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone dialtone at divmod.com
Thu Aug 11 10:12:41 MDT 2005

David Bolen wrote:

>To this point for our in house projects, we've still been using
>twisted.web and doing our own rendering with ZPT for templating (e.g.,
>not using nevow).  I'm looking to try nevow (which wasn't around when
>we started the other projects) for an experimental project, but am
>also looking to utilize twisted.web2 so I can take advantage of some
>of its newer features as well.
>Is that combination possible?  I haven't been following the
>relationship between nevow and twisted.web2, but it would appear that
>nevow still uses its own system layered on twisted.web2. I see both a
>web2 and web2-2 tree in SVN for nevow, so do I still need to use one
>of them (and are they relatively up to date with the trunk)?
The web2 branch in my branches subdirectory kida works with web2. It
needs testing and
some more hacking to work with formless but everything else should be
working fine.

Get it, test it, patch it :)

After the next nevow release we will be working on moving it to web2.

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