[Twisted-web] nevow sessions and twisted.cred integration

Chris (FeedTagger) chris.were at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 01:16:39 MDT 2005


I'm working on a project with nevow and required persistent sessions
with more flexibility than was currently available. I also required
integration with twisted.cred in a similar fashion to guard.py

Unfortunately I'm on a very tight timeline so I've whipped up a quick
explanatory page here:

I figure it's better for others involved in nevow to establish if any
of the code can be useful and if so address any backwards
compatability issues etc. I had initially wanted to modify guard.py to
use the new session objects, but instead wrote a similar wrapper
(sessionguard.py) that works quite similarly, but was written from

In theory my code can stand independent of something like guard.py and
be used in the situation where more control over session's are
required, but I'm not fussed (hell if it doesn't fit at all, don't use
any of the code :)


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