[Twisted-web] multiple choice select box

Alberto Trujillo alberto.trujillo at ucd.ie
Mon Aug 8 08:10:29 MDT 2005

I have found a problem with the multiple selection in the select box 
component. I only can receive the last item that I has choosen.
I'm working with html templates plus the nevow files, and I don't know 
how to received all the selection that I have clicked in my form. Here 
there is a part of my code. Can anybody help me?


                    <select multiple="true" name="groups" size="8" 
nevow:data="selectgroups" nevow:render="sequence">
                        <option nevow:pattern="item" 
                        <nevow:attr name="value"><nevow:slot 
name="value" /></nevow:attr>
                        <nevow:slot name="label">select...</nevow:slot>


    def executeAddUser(self, ctx):
        """Execute the process for add a new user"""
        session = ctx.locate(inevow.ISession)
        login = ctx.arg('login')
        passwd = ctx.arg('passwd')
        firstname = ctx.arg('firstname')
        lastname = ctx.arg('lastname')
        email = ctx.arg('email')
        groups = ctx.arg('groups')
        print "Groups" + str(groups)
        if session.da.addUser(login, passwd, firstname, lastname, email, 
            session.msg = 'User add succefully!'
            session.prevurl = 'ugp'
            session.msg = "Error adding user!"
            session.prevurl = 'userdetails'
        return 'displaymsg'

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