[Twisted-web] Introduction, newbie confusion plus an offer

Kieran Holland kieran.holland at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 18:30:34 MDT 2005

> I've added a couple links to the end of the divmod.org Nevow Project page.  If there are other > good resources out there that aren't linked, please let me know and I'll update the page again.
> Thanks for agitating,
> Jp

I am touching up the article 'Meet Stan' as I pick up new things and,
if I can find the time, I would like to try to tackle a few other
topics causing mass-confusion.

If people are finding my article useful then I wonder if it, and
purported future vapour-articles, would be better hosted on divmod? 
Personally I wouldn't trust the existing URL not to disappear off the
face of the earth without reasonable warning.  I would be happy to
refactor out the introductory spiel and end-musings to give it more of
a documentation flavour.


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