[Twisted-web] History Object in Nevow?

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Thu Aug 4 05:46:03 MDT 2005

Sebastian Schulze wrote:
> If I'm not mistaken a browser sends the site he is coming from in the headers,
> so, this should be available already.

Yes, it's the referrer URL:


Note the incorrect spelling of the header name.

> On the other hand, i guess that many browsers have disabled this, or
> spoof the information, for privacy reason..

In my experience, it's not too common for the referrer header to be
disabled but it's certainly not something that can relied on completely.

The only way I know to reliably redirect back to where they came from is
to pass the initial page's URL through as a request parameter. Horrible,
I know.

- Matt

> 2005/8/4, Alberto Trujillo <alberto.trujillo at ucd.ie>:
>>I would like to know if there is a history object in Nevow? I need to
>>get the url that I have visited before, to redirect the user, and I
>>don't know how. It there something like the history.back() of html, that
>>I can use in nevow with out Stan?
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