[Twisted-web] twisted with apache for punjab + jwchat

Rodrigo Monteiro mrodrigox at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 2 10:52:07 MDT 2005

when i do "mktap punjab --help" is says this about
is that some problem?

thanks Valentino

root at CESEC-17-4575:/opt/punjab# mktap punjab --help
DeprecationWarning: The twisted.python.plugin system
is deprecated.  See twisted.plugin for the revised
  type='tap', tapname='punjab')
which: no dia in
Usage:    mktap [options] <command> [command options]
punjab [options]
  -v, --verbose       Show traffic
      --host=         [default: localhost]
      --port=         [default: 5280]
  -b, --httpb=
  -p, --httpp=
  -s, --soap=
  -x, --xmlrpc=
      --html_dir=     [default: ./html]
      --ssl_privkey=  [default: ssl.key]
      --ssl_cert=     [default: ssl.crt]
      --help          Display this help and exit.


--- Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone
<dialtone at divmod.com> wrote:

> Rodrigo Monteiro wrote:
> >thanks! i installed it ok.
> >now i'm stuck on with the configuration.
> >do you know anything about this configuration?
> >i did exactly what was in the punjab site
> >(http://punjab.sourceforge.net/jwchat.html) and it
> >don't connect in the jabber (jive messenger).
> >i don't know what to do more.
> >i'vre tryied the .war file to work with resin and
> it
> >just connect when the jabber client port is the
> >default (5222). i need to use 2510.
> >if anyone can help me...
> >regards,
> >
> Twisted doesn't need to be configured. Once twistd
> works it is ok.
> Check that you have all twisted installed like
> twisted.xish and
> twisted.words
> and others if
> needed.
> Other than that requires attention from punjab
> authors and I guess you
> should head to
> their mailing list.
> -- 
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