[Twisted-web] twisted with apache for punjab + jwchat

Rodrigo Monteiro mrodrigox at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 2 07:28:58 MDT 2005

thanks! i installed it ok.
now i'm stuck on with the configuration.
do you know anything about this configuration?
i did exactly what was in the punjab site
(http://punjab.sourceforge.net/jwchat.html) and it
don't connect in the jabber (jive messenger).
i don't know what to do more.
i'vre tryied the .war file to work with resin and it
just connect when the jabber client port is the
default (5222). i need to use 2510.
if anyone can help me...

--- Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone
<dialtone at divmod.com> wrote:

> Rodrigo Monteiro wrote:
> >in the punjab website
> >(http://punjab.sourceforge.net/jwchat.html) there
> is
> >an manual to install and configure punjab + jwchat.
> >for punjab it says that require python, twisted and
> >zopeinterface installed and configured. i install
> >python and zopeinterface, but how to install and
> >configure twisted? sorry for the dumb question...
> >regards,
> >  
> >
> Just installing Twisted Sumo with PyOpenSSL and
> PyCrypto if you need SSL.
> This should be enough.
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