[Twisted-web] Simplest way to mimic Apache/IIS virtual directories?

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Apr 26 01:56:27 MDT 2005

> David Reid wrote:

> from twisted.web import resource, static
> root = resource.Resource()
> root.putChild('fooimages', static.File('/path/to/foo/images'))
> root.putChild('barimages', static.File('/path/to/bar/images'))


> .rpys are bad.  They were a bad idea implemented badly and their use is
> strongly discouraged, even for development they are bad and should never
> contain more than

> if you're using .rpys i assume you're using mktap to build the webserver
> configuration, .taps are also discouraged, and the best way to deploy
> twisted.web applications is with .tac files.  see

Aha.  I simply started with the twisted.web documentation
for version 2. I think your links and the other email give me
enough, will try again tonight.


Andy Robinson

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