[Twisted-web] nevow.compy.MetaInterface not compatible to new Zope Interface style

Nik Klever klever at fh-augsburg.de
Wed Apr 6 03:10:54 MDT 2005

Before switching to Twisted 2.0.0 and Nevow 0.4.1 I used a class 
inherited from rend.Page in a resource script (a short example of this 
method was renaming hellostan.py to hellostan.rpy and replacing the last 
3 lines to "resource = Page()" )

This method brings now the error message
"twisted.python.components.CannotAdapt: <Page object at 0x...> to
<MetaInterface twisted.web.resource.IResource>".

Looking into the code I found that nevow.compy.MetaInterfaces is not 
compatible with the new Twisted 2.0.0 
twisted.python.components.MetaInterface, because it's borrowed
from an older version of Twisted 1.3.0

Is there a plan to update nevow.compy to the new Zope Interface style ?

Thanks in advance

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