[Twisted-web] Load balancing twisted web.

David Ferlier david at endlessremix.shacknet.nu
Mon Sep 13 05:04:12 MDT 2004


Well, i see a simpler solution. If you really want to do
load-balancing with sessions + HTTPs, you'd better setup
pythondirector (http://pythondirector.sf.net). The only thing you need
to concentrate on is to put your sessions data on a shared machine
(forget ZEO, it *won't* work with twisted).

Or you can develop your own session-aware https proxy with twisted.

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 05:36:38PM +0200, Syver Enstad wrote:
> Hi! I am running a custom twisted server application that uses twisted
> web. To improve performance sometime in the future I am interested in
> scaling up by adding more instances of the server, but this requires
> load balancing. Very simple load balancing is likely to not work very
> well since I use the session facilities in twisted web.
> As I see it I have a couple of options:
> Build my own session mechanism that uses persistent storage shared by
> all servers (I am using ZODB already so it is easy to store objects).
> Get some kind of load balancer program that takes care of server
> affinity by remembering which server has which session id.
> Write a load balancer program that does the same.
> As far as I know load balancer hardware is out of the question since I
> use HTTPS and from what I have heard this is not supported my
> inexpensive load balancer hardware.
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