[Twisted-web] nevow FileUpload

Williamson, Mark Mark.Williamson at bl.uk
Wed Sep 8 05:01:02 MDT 2004


I'm building a web app with nevow/twisted and I'm really 

I'm having a small problem with Formless though when trying to 
upload a file: 

here is my interface:

class IAddDocument( formless.TypedInterface ):
   """Interface for Add Document form"""
   def addDocument( self , context = annotate.Context() , fdata =
annotate.FileUpload( required = True ) ):
   addDocument = formless.autocallable( addDocument )

The form renders fine (I'm using a template pretty much based on the one in
one of the 
tutorials except I've messed about with the table layout a bit) and lets me
choose a file
for upload - it also seems to upload the file. However when my method is
on my page class: 

   def addDocument( self , context , fdata ):

fdata is None. I've looked at the request from the context and the filename
seems to be there 
but not the file data. 

Can anyone shed any light on this. Its a bit of a sticking point for me 
right now




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