[Twisted-web] returning a formless form from render_foo

Tim Stebbing tjstebbing at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 23:42:50 MDT 2004

gday all, 

Im using nevow 0.2.0, ive got a simple formless resource that works
fine when I view it alone, but when I return it from a render_ method,
I get

 nevow.compy.CannotAdapt: <redpanda.root.Index object at 0x4049796c>
(type redpanda.root.Index) cannot be adapted to <class

where redpanda.root.Index has:

def render_foo(self, ctx, data):
    return FooForm()

Why is it trying to adapt the Index resource? whats the proper way to
include a form resource in a templates output?



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