[Twisted-web] Getting started using the twisted web server

Dan Eloff dan.eloff at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 13:20:04 MDT 2004

My goal is to create a scalable web server for use by either a single
individual on his own computer, or by thousands of people on a remote
server. This server must be capable of serving up both files from the
filesystem like .swf, .gif, .jpg, and .html and data produced
dynamically by the same python process as the server is running in. In
other words not your standard php/cgi setup where a script is executed
when you browse to the file (http://localhost/myscript.php), but
rather where a function from the running host process is called when a
certain url is given (http://localhost/func/func-id).

I can't think of a better solution to the problem than twisted, but I
need help getting started. Is there any examples or anything more that
I can learn from than the API docs?


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