[Twisted-web] Load balancing twisted web.

Syver Enstad syver at inout.no
Wed Sep 1 10:04:05 MDT 2004

Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> writes:

> On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 05:36:38PM +0200, Syver Enstad wrote:
> > As far as I know load balancer hardware is out of the question since I
> > use HTTPS and from what I have heard this is not supported my
> > inexpensive load balancer hardware.
> Are you sure https session setup isn't your bottleneck?

I am not sure I understand what you mean here. The problem is that the
site becomes unresponsive when many users are hitting web applications
that does heavy work against the database or renders large amounts of
HTML. I am in the process of improving the performance of the code but
it would be nice to provide better performance to the users while
these improvements are being made. I haven't noticed any performance
differences between using HTTPS or HTTP.

> I'd be either thinking about a server farm with round-robin DNS, or maybe a VIA (C5J
> Esther core) box which does RSA acceleration on the cheap.
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