[Twisted-web] Twisted vs Webware

Mike Warren spam at mike-warren.com
Fri Oct 22 10:24:01 MDT 2004

Tom Fillmore <tfillmor at socalbahai.org> writes:

> Can anyone shoot me their (fact-based) opinion as to why Twisted is
> more appropriate than Webware?  I'm not trolling here, I've just
> never used Webware.

This is not fact-based, but "fact-based opinion" sounds oxymoronic to
me ;) Anyway, I found twisted to be much more intuitive and "pythonic"
(yes! vagueness!)  than Webware. I first started a project with
webware and rather liked it initially, but became increasingly
frustrated with Webware forcing me to write my code in a certain way
(specifically forcing certain class-tree layouts and disallowing
multiple-inheritance in templates) so I started looking for another
toolkit and settled with Twisted (which allows a lot more freedom,
inheritance-wise, due to the use of interfaces/components). Webware
also, IIRC, forces directory-layouts on you, too, which is just a Bad
Idea, IMO (I was trying to map URIs in some arbitrary fashion and
found it quite painful). This was a while ago, though: perhaps some of
these things are no longer true.

Of course, any toolkit is going to do a certain amount of "forcing",
but, FWIW, I prefer Twisted (perhaps I just prefer the way it forces
me). Also, Twisted appears to have support for many more protocols,
etc., so if you are looking at integrating some web app with other
things eventually (as I am), then it seems to make even more sense.


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