[Twisted-web] Template engines

Mike Warren spam at mike-warren.com
Thu Oct 21 19:22:02 MDT 2004

Tom Fillmore <tfillmor at socalbahai.org> writes:

> I see on the site docs that Quixote is listed as a template engine
> that can be used by Twisted.  Can any others, such as Cheetah?

I have used Cheetah with Twisted, but somewhat-recently switched to
Nevow and find it much, much nicer (thanks, guys!). I think in general
it will be worth the slight pain to learn Nevow since it [obviously]
integrates nicely with Twisted.

What I found with Cheetah was that there was no way to pause part-way
through the rendering -- in other words, no obvious way to Defer
rendering (which makes sense for threaded servers, but not for
Twisted). If you know you will never need to do this (i.e. wait for
something partway through a page-render), then perhaps using a
non-Twisted templating system will be fine.

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