[Twisted-web] [PATCH] Are we ready for a Page.remember fix?

Donovan Preston dp at ulaluma.com
Tue Nov 23 07:56:02 MST 2004

On Nov 23, 2004, at 3:37 AM, Matt Goodall wrote:

>> So, are there any objections to Page.remember()? Even if it's not an
>> elegant
>> solution, it works for me, and it's generic enough that I think it's 
>> worth
>> keeping.
> For some reason I've never liked Page.remember() even though I would
> probably use it if it existed (and worked properly).
> So, a reluctant +1 from me.
> There's one problem with the patch - once the PageContext has been 
> created
> Page.remember() doesn't do anything. The Page *used* to have a context 
> set
> via a property but that's been gone for a while now. Any ideas how to 
> fix
> that?

If this is the only thing you don't like about it, I think it's a 
documentation issue. Here is a docstring for Page.remember which might 

"""Remember an object for an interface on new PageContexts which are 
constructed around this Page. Whenever this Page is involved in object 
traversal in the future, all objects will be visible to .locate() calls 
at the level of a PageContext wrapped around this Page and all contexts 
below it.

This does not affect existing Context instances.



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