[Twisted-web] Cobine Twisted with PHP

webmaster at haustierworld.de webmaster at haustierworld.de
Fri Nov 19 11:03:54 MST 2004

Hi Alex

  I´ve already seen Twisted's web server.

  It isn´t exactly what I need :(

  I´m looking for something different like this:

  If a user logs in, PHP validates the values, loads infomation from
  database and posts theese information to my Twisted / Phython what
  ever script / server.
  Server keeps data in memory, does something with data and every 10
  minutes, it writes updated data in database.

  So I´m only searching for a layer between PHP / Apache / MySQL.

  PHP has something like:
  is it possible to communicate over IPC with Twisted?
  Or is there a better way to do this?

Thank you, Bastian

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