[Twisted-web] Cobine Twisted with PHP

webmaster at haustierworld.de webmaster at haustierworld.de
Fri Nov 19 06:50:03 MST 2004

Hi all :)

  I´m completly new to Twisted, I´ve installed it and think it is a
  good framework! Thanks for your work!

  Now I´m wondering if I could build a server with Twisted, wich
  offers information php could read.

  Is this possible?
  How has my server to look, if it offers e.g. the string "server"?
  And how could I connect to TwistedServer from PHP?

  It all should run on a LAMP system, so I don´t need the twisted
  webserver, do I?

  Pardon me, but I´m absolutly new to twisted, and I couldn´t find
  anything with PHP :(

Thank you, Bastian

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