[Twisted-web] webform success message?

Alexander May alex-news at comcast.net
Wed Nov 17 10:35:52 MST 2004

The automatic display did not occur.  Is this new since the 0.3 release
(i.e. do I need to get the development version)?  Or did I just miss
something?  I have tried using webform.renderForms() both with and without
the custom form layout (given as an example in customform.tac)

Currently, I have it working as per Cory suggestion, which is fine, but
slightly less desirable.

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On Nov 16, 2004, at 1:31 PM, Cory Dodt wrote:

> and then do a ctx.onePattern('completed') or 'notCompleted' somewhere 
> in render_amICompleted.  You can determine whether or not it's 
> completed by examining IHand(ctx), which is the return value of your 
> autocallable.

The IHand (the return value of your autocallable) is also automatically
displayed as a status message. In plain english, if you return a string from
the autocallable, it'll show up as the status message.


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