[Twisted-web] Xml-Rpc server troubles

Andrea Nicolini andrea at teamsw.it
Wed Nov 17 00:39:07 MST 2004

On 11/16/04 22:35:50, Eric Mangold wrote:

> Where is your Errback? If this doesn't work then you'll never know  
> until
> the Deferred gets GC'ed, if it ever does, and even then only  
> sometimes.
> Deferred's have __del__ defined to hopefully, maybe, warn the user if  
> there
> were errors that never got handled. This is of course not guarenteed  
> to happen.
> Always, always, add Errbacks.

Ok, you're right. I'll do.

> I don't know much about Twisted's RDBMS stuff.  I'm assuming  
> createjob gets run in a thread.
> Maybe these threads are getting stuck? *shrug*.  Apparently the  
> Deferred's aren't firing, but you
> could have a timeout function to see if they really are getting fired  
> but lost before the
> result gets send back by xml-rpc.
> Perhaps something like this (untested):
> def xmlrpc_createjob(self,hash):
>     tscmfuncs.call_debug(debug,foreground)
>     d = self.dbpool.runInteraction(self.createjob,hash)
>     reactor.callLater(5, checkIfDeferredFired, d)
>     return d.addCallback(self.returnData)
> def checkIfDeferredFired(d):
>     if not d.called:
>         log.msg('Deferred not fired after 5 seconds')
>     #omit this if it will fill your logs too much
>     else:
>         log.msg('Deferred fired OK')
Thank you very much Eric.
I'll follow your advices.


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