[Twisted-web] IRedirectAfterPost

vicky vlupien at drummonddesigns.com
Fri May 28 07:45:42 MDT 2004

Hi dp,

	I tested one of your examples to see if the problem of
IRedirectAfterPost when the preceding button is used occurs in this example
too. When the form is correct (no error), I return a result's page with
IRedirectAfterPost and a child function (I don't have any differed). Even
if, I don't have a differed the same problem occurs. 

I attached the example with my modification 


>I believe the current version of formless only lets you set 
>IRedirectAfterPost on the request, so you will have to set it on the 
>request object associated with the form post, not the form render -- 
>this could be why you are having problems with the wrong redirect 
>occurring after you use the back button.
>As for why your form is only working every other time, I can only guess 
>that there must be a problem with your code. Are you sure you are 
>properly waiting on a deferred, if you are using one? I have seen code 
>that doesn't wait on a deferred work "every other time" because in 
>between the first page and the second page render, the first deferred 
>fires, and a callback stores this data in a place where the second page 
>render can find it.

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