[Twisted-web] nevow + cookieless sessions

Mike Warren spam at mike-warren.com
Fri Jun 25 16:18:43 MDT 2004


I'm using Twisted+Nevow and everything works great, except if I
attempt to use cookie-less sessions (i.e. "block cookies" in Mozilla);
the URLs start out fine (/__session_key__ETC) but the session keys
changes for every child resource I visit, which seems bad.

I'm using a nevow.guard.SessionWrapper around
twisted.cred.portal.Portal which contains a simple implementation of
IRealm containing my root resource.

I'm not entirely sure where to look for problems. I would have
expected Nevow to re-write href attributes to be something like
/__session_key__BAR/foo from /foo, but that's not happening.

Any guidance or suggestions for things I should look into?


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