[Twisted-web] Re: Log analysis

Alex Levy mesozoic at polynode.com
Tue Jun 22 10:09:19 MDT 2004

On 6/22/2004, "stephen at thorne.id.au" <stephen at thorne.id.au> wrote:

>I'd like to analyze my twisted.web logs. I'm wondering if anyone has 
>written any software which will allow me to do this easily? I don't really 
>care about the logs of the past, creating new logs going forward that are 
>analyzable is perfectly acceptable.

I've been using Webalizer for a long time to generate statistics on my
twisted.web logs, and it works very well. Do you use Moshe's
twisted-web package for Debian? On my server, it generates a perfectly
usable Apache-style access.log; there are plenty of tools available for
chewing those up.

If you're not using it already, try:
>>> site = server.Site(rootResource, logPath='access.log')

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