[Twisted-web] cgi-bin from twisted.web

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Jul 20 14:46:28 MDT 2004

Ed Suominen wrote:
> I would like to run mailman from my twisted.web server. How do I execute
> mailman's cgi-bin binaries, given that twcgi seems to support only scripts?
> If twistedmatrix.com is running mailman with a twisted web server, it would
> seem that the answer has been figured out by someone already.

I already helped Ed on IRC, but for the sake of convenience to 
archive-readers and other interested parties, here's the way I deployed 
mailman on divmod.org.

== /home/mailman/twisted.run/mailman.tac ==

import sys

from twisted.internet import app
from twisted.web import server, distrib, twcgi, static
from twisted.spread import pb

application = app.Application('mailman-web')

r = twcgi.CGIDirectory('/home/mailman/run/cgi-bin')
r.putChild('pipermail', static.File('/home/mailman/run/archives/public'))

site = server.Site(r)

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