[Twisted-web] how to offload to an xml page the text in formless

Andrea Arcangeli andrea at cpushare.com
Sat Dec 4 10:48:04 MST 2004

You know formless allows passing the text for the form all inside the
annotate.TypedInterface class.

Is it possible to offload all that text in some xml page? Perhaps it's
possible only if I use the customForm thing from the example? I would
like to be able to edit the text (but only the text written inside the
annotate.TypedInterface) without having to restart the server.

I really like the concept of splitting the "text" from the "code". I
don't want having to restart the server just to correct a typo...

It's not very high prio, http is quite transient, but I may have other
more persistent services on the same tap where the web is also running.
So another solution is to split off the services and leave http alone
(and communicate data between the two servers across pipes or unix
domain sockets). That has the advantage to scale better in
multiprocessor too.

I wonder if you've any suggestion on these matters, thanks!

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