[Twisted-web] Error in my first test...

Alessandro Barchi linuxlist at roggeroetortia.it
Thu Aug 19 03:25:37 MDT 2004

> If twisted's sob.py is one of the last modules in the traceback then the
> problem is almost certainly in the .tac file. In this case, the error is
> a syntax error on line 1 of the .tac file.
> I suspect that you have a DOS vs UNIX line ending problem. Have you
> copied the file from DOS to UNIX (or vice versa) without fixing the line
> endings? It looks like you're on a Linux box so "file runapp.tac" will
> probably report that you have CRLF line endings. If so, use flip (or
> similar tool) to change the line endings and try it all again.
> Hope this helps.


You have centered the objective!
Probably i've copy and paste the source from 
a samba share.  

Now flipping all...

Many thanks!!!

Cheers, Alessandro

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